Virus Cleaner Introduction

Virus Cleaner is a program developed to remove and clean the Viruses. Whether you use an anti-Virus or not. It is tested and proven that this little tool can cleanup 95%+ of the viruses that made it through your original (commercial) AntiVirus software. We are here with a removal When the AntiVirus Fails!

Clean viruses for Free

The Virus Cleaner is completely free to use. We chose this over a paid software. What makes this tool unique is that it does not use any form of virus signature database or whatever. This detects viruses by behavior and knows exactly where most viruses are hidden. In contrast with anti-Virus software, this software cleans not only trojans and Worms, but it also removes scareware, bots, fake antiviruses, annoying advertisements and all other types of malware. After using this software you can be almost sure that your privacy is not exposed and your files are safe. No need to reinstall your computer!

This tool is not only good for after being infected, but also as a precaution. Run this once a week and you can be sure that all forms of malware are deleted. One run only takes up to 30 seconds!

download virus cleaner

Why using this tool?

•It is Free.
•It can safe your files and privacy.
•No need to pay for an expensive anti Virus.

Virus Cleaning Service

We also offer paid online virus cleaning service together with professional advice. In order to use this service, you can contact us and we get back to you personally. Cleaning will be done manually and with our own developed tools.


This program is the easiest and most lightweight virus remover / malware-removal tool ever.
Everything is performed within seconds since it does not need any detection database like AVs do.
It comes packed with the following cleanup features:

•Cleans your startup items.
•Cleans your AppData
•Scans through your memory
•Clear hostfile (very often used by spyware / ad bots)
•Visibilty Check: Recovers hidden files.

How do I get it?
Straightaway download it for free.

download virus cleaner

Paid Services

We also offer paid services and security software packages.
-Security Pack1
This package is for typical home users. It contains a Virus Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, and 5 months of personal cleaning service.
Price: $49,50

-Security Pack2
If you need more protection, more personal service this packet is ideal for you. It contains the Virus Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, 1 year of cleaning service, Teamviewer support.
Price: $74,50

This is strictly for bigger companies. We provide the full security solutions for more than 10 computers.
Price: $149,50

Please contact us for more information.


This free tool is definitely the best virus remover I have ever used.
My Kaspersky and NOD32 failed to kill some backdoors while this tool simply cleaned it within seconds.
By Alycia Stack

This program should be sold rather than "given away" for free. My computer was really slow and used by a botnet I think. After using this Virus Cleaner, all the viruses that looked clean by my AVG AntiVirus were instantly removed. I endorse this product eventhough it is for free..
By Alex P.

Thanks for making such a great software. I do not need any antiVirus anymore. That is all I have to say. Without doubt, the best Free Malware Removal Tool
By Anonymous